Introducing our new fabric faced diffusers for critical environments. Using our new highly air permeale fabrics and unique product configurations yields a complete product offering that offers the industry's most unique range of diffusers. Besides being lightweight, our D-Fuser offers even air dispersion through it's highly porous fabric face and available venting. To ensure the proper fit for almost any environment, the product offers various airflow models:

Surround FlowTM

Surround Flow is the base model. This features even air dispersion through our Rx50TM, Rx100TM or Rx200TM fabric face. The even airflow provided by Surround Flow creates a consistent low velocity dispersion pattern. Click her for more information about Surround Flow .

Select FloTM

Our most versatile model, For environments requiring directional flow patterns, the custom linear vents offer dispersion in 1, 2, 3, or 4 directions. Click here for more information about Select Flow .


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