The D-Fuser Filter uses Merv 8 filtration media to help capture foreign particles that may pollute your working environment.

As buildings and their HVAC systems age, non-metallic components such as linings within duct or equipment, gaskets, and other dirt build up may become airborne. Commonly these particles are introduced downstream from filtration equipment, allowing the particles to travel freely into critical research, food preparation, or many other sensitive environments.

If your environment is suffering from airborne pollution such as black spec or other debris from your ducting system, the DuctSox D-Fuser Filter may be the solution.


  • Eliminate black spec from contaminating critical work environment.
  • Laminar or draft free Surround Flow dispersion pattern
  • Easy installation, removal, and replacement.
  • Sanitary, throw-away design.

To accommodate a variety of applications, the D-Fuser Filter is available in 24x24 and 24x48 configurations. To accommodate desired airflow characteristics, the Filter Panel is available in either a flat or a 6" deep disposable face.

The D-Fuser Filter is available in either MetalPan or Retrofit configuration. The MetalPan option includes a 6" deep metal backpan and selection includes inlet diameter. Retrofit models utilize existing backpans and are best suited for T-Bar ceiling installations. Custom configurations are also available.

See Product Description Sheet for additional details and performance data.


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