Use high pressure washer to clean surface. Cracked areas around the corners and any pollutants should be cleaned.


  1. Use EcoCrete 76TM to mend all bubbled/cracked surface on the mortar/concrete surface of the roof.
    • Application of waterproof primer
    • The ratio of EcoCrete 76TM 1 : water 1 : Cement 3, should be mixed in a mixer until no solid parts remain.
    • Usage of remital to fix mortar
    • Mix a 1:1 ratio mixture of water and EcoCrete 76TM, and mix with remital for application to mortar surface.
  2. remove all rusting on surface before application
  3. Adhering Ecoroof fabric: After applying EcoCoolroof® with a roller brush or spray, lay out the fabric before the chemical dries. The fabric should be laid out at least to cover at least a meter in from the edge. There should be no creases. The joining areas should overlap around 10cm. After the covering of the fabric, apply a second coating of EcoCoolroof® over the fabric.