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In Environmentally-Friendly, Energy Saving, Waterproofing Technology

for decades, urethane has been utilized as a core material when it came to waterproofing roofs in Korea. It was a trend which set forth a notion that it was obvious to use urethane for waterproofing. The EcoCoolroof® System, with hope to initiate a new trend in waterproofing, places our corporate in a position where our environment and our community will be of the most forefront concern. This movement will allow our company to be a part of the global movement towards green technology.

The EcoCoolroof ® System is a first Korean waterproofing product to pass all categories of ASTM International Specifications (ASTM d 6083, ASTM C 1549, ASTM C 1371). The Energy Star program, jointly operated by US Environmental protection Agency (EpA) and department of Energy (doE) have qualified our product as an Energy Star Qualified roofing product. The Cool roof rating Council (CrrC), one of the highest ranking organizations in field of Cool roof technology, has also rated our product. we have passed all required qualification tests from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Momentum Technologies Inc. which both are well known international research & testing laboratory. The KICTEp(Korea Industries of Construction & Transportation Technology Evaluation and planning) has also acknowledged our product to be a superior replacement of urethane waterproofing technology.

The current waterproofing technologies disregard environment protection factors, but today, The EcoCoolroof ® System, not only has developed a product that can waterproof roofs, but also has been geared towards energy saving and Co2 emission reduction. These factors, when combined, have brought about a revolution in completing a roofing system. The Energy Star approved EcoCoolroof ® System has been introduced to the public at a recent new technology exhibition and has proven itself to be a strong competitor in its relevant field, both domestically and internationally.

Certified by the Ministry of Land of the republic of Korea as a green technology product.
Energy Star - first Korean roofing & water proofing company to be approved for this certification through the EpA of USA.
rated product by CrrC (Cool roof rating Council)
- The highest ranking organization in the cool roof
Acknowledged by a “new Technology” by Korea rail network Authority (#2011-0032).
Coolroof waterproofing technology for which additional score is given for prevention of urban heat island and reduction in emission of greenhouse gas during screening of LEEd certification, an international environment-friendly building certification system.
The Technology which has acquired approval of the 8th US Army by passing the test for the US national Standard waterproof Specification regulation for the first time in Korea.
Korean Intellectual property organization
patent no: 10-0942521 | patent no: 10-0962573
patent no: 10-1051337 | patent no: 10-1243829
International patent Application no. pCT-Kr 003688
1955 Mar. Shin-Il Chemical Established.
Manufacturer of yang-pyo paing
1975 Jul. Shin-Il retail Center Established
1981 oct. U-lim Mastic Industry Co., Ltd. Established
1982 Mar. U-lim Mastic Ichon factory Complete
1986 Sep. dIp Batly, france Supplier of meterial and
1986 oct. Kanegafuchi Chemical, Japan Supplier of meterial
and Technology
2009 Jul. first Korean Company to be approved for Energy
Star by the United State’s Environmental protection Agency
2010 Jun. Heat reduction/blocking technology patented
2011 Jan. Began export to Singapore
2011 Mar. green Certification from Korean Ministry of Land
2011 Mar. Supplier of the 8th U.S. Army in Korea
2011 May. California’s CrrC approves CrrC rATEd prodUCT
2011 Jun. Acknowledged by a “new Technology” by Korea rail network Authority(#2011-0032)
2011 Jul. Korean patent #10-1051337
2011 nov. won the award from the chairman of the Knowledge Economy Committee of the national Assembly in the 6th “Korea Environment-friendliness Awards”
2012 nov. 2012 Men of merit Award by the Ministry of Knowledgy of Economy recognizing one’s contribution of save public energy consumption by development of Energy saving green Technology
2013 May. 2013 Men of Merit Award by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport recognizing one’s contribution of inventing green Constuction Technology