Eco Cool Roof & Wall

1. Eco Cool Roof & Wall reflects 88% heat
2. Eco Cool Roof & Wall reduce surface temperature up to 30 degree C
3. Eco Cool Roof & Wall reduce indoor temperature up to 10 degree C
4. Eco Cool Roof & Wall reduce AC temperature to 40%
5. Eco Cool Roof & Wall last for more than 12 years
6. Eco Cool Roof & Wall protect you from any kind of weather
7. Eco Cool Roof & Wall comes in many variety of color

What is Eco Cool Roof and Wall?
The EcoCoolroof® System, is manufactured with a combination of Titanium and nanosized inorgarnic colorant(so called, Infared reflective ceramic colorant) which allows for heat reduction for building interiors. Also our addition of hollow ceramic micro spheres further increases UV light reflection on the surface. This significantly reduces heat buildup under the roof and allows for energy saving, as well as increase waterproofing. This compound is also evenly spread out, therefore creases and joints are absent for perfect waterproofing.


  1. Heat Reduction and Energy Saving
  2. The EcoCoolroof® System, is approved by the EpA in the roofing technology category, and is Energy Star certified and has proven itself to reduce air-conditioning costs from 10% ~ 15%, and 10~30% in energy usage. This reduces carbon gas emissions to our environment and our community. The Energy Star program jointly operated by EpA (Environmental protection Agency) and doE (department of Energy) offers tax benefits to those utilizing an Energy Star certified product.

  3. Vapor Permeability
  4. Traditional urethane water proofing systems lacks permeability and therefore any dampness built up under the waterproofing material caused bubbles, and warping on the surface. EcoCoolroof is permeable to vapor build up under the waterproofing surface and protects the surface from damage.

  5. Durability
  6. The main ingredient in our product is 100% pure acrylic, and is incredibly durable against UV rays, salts, and acid rain. Simple spraying of 1kg/m2 every 5-10 years after the initial application, will prolong your EcoCoolroof TM System for more than 10~1 5 years.

  7. Can adhere to wet surfaces.
  8. The Ecoroof TM fabric is made of stich bonded non-woven fabric(patent #10-2011-0053090) for even thickness (40~45 mils) and gap-free installations. The EcoCoolroof ® System posses an incredible adhesive ability and can be applied to concrete substrates with 20~30% humidity, that has been coated with EcoCrete TM 76 slurry mix.

  9. Elasticity with 0% plasticizer
  10. Even in extreme cold weather of -20 o c , the elasticity of EcoCoolroof ® continues to hold shape and prevent buildings from cracking and rain leakage. Urethane based waterproofing systems traditionally use plasticizers to gain elasticity. However, plasticizers lose its elasticity after 2~3 years of exposure to UV lights. EcoCoolroof ® does not utilize plasticizers and thus, holds its elasticity for much longer for superior waterproofing.

  11. Eco Friendly
  12. EcoCoolroof ® has a low VoC(Volitile organic Compound) of 1.1g/L compare to the average VoC value of large Korean metropolitan cities of 40g/L. The KTr's (Korea Testing and research Institute) environmental test reported the EcoCoolroof ® system contained no lead, cadmium, mercury, or chrome which are hazardous heavy metals to the environment and community. It is resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants. It also protects roofs and walls from descending radio-active particles.

  13. CO2 reduction. Heat island prevention. Economic
  14. EcoCoolroof ® System can prevent Heat Island symptoms, and its easy application and low cost material proves to be economic. The installation process is simple, and when combined with all the benefits of our product offers, we strongly believe that this will protect our environment by saving energy, reducing carbon gas emissions and therefore leading to a healthier environment for our next generations.