EcoflexTM System

Ecoflex is made of 100% pure acrylic high solar reflective coating system for wall. It is flexible; elastomeric that fills cracks and provides a smooth, watertight barrier for masonry surfaces. Ecoflex System helps to reduce your energy consumptions by reflecting solar energy to prevent heat penetration. It has excellent permeability and can waterproof wall surface along with creak cover functionality. Ecoflex allows for hundreds of color choices to match any decor you wish to match and you can even decorate your wall with many various kinds of textures using textured roller.


  • Excellent heat reduction and radiation blocking capabilities for energy cost saving.
  • Can adhere to vertical surfaces.
  • Adapts to temperature changes effectively.
  • Can be applied to multiple surfaces and has strong adhesive characteristics.
  • Available in different colors to enhance building aesthetics.
  • Flexible so it will move with cracks.
  • Ultra Violet resistant for extra durability.
  • Meets V.O.C. emission regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.
  • Nnontoxic formulation is safe to install.
  • Easy application and cleanup.
  • No special training or equipment required to install.

Application Area

  • Stucco surfaces.
  • Masonry surfaces.
  • Concrete Block.
  • Cement Walls.

Ecoroof fabric

In the EcoCoolroof System, the Ecoroof fabric plays one of the key technologies which improve the tensile strength needed in waterproofing. The addition of EcoCoolroof to the Ecoroof fabric allows for minimum usage and even coating, thickness(approximately 1.2mm). The Ecoroof fabric offers various sizes from 10cm, 30cm, 100cm(1m).