EcosilnTM System

The main ingredient of Ecosiln is Modified Silane oligomer used an an excellent waterproofing agent on concrete, ALC, bricks, and tiles. It is ideal for porous inorganic materials. It chemically bonds to the substrate and provides a long term protective barrier against moisture. Ecosiln requires 2~3 coats depending on surface conditions without any changes in color to the substrate. It is clear water repellent and UV barrier for concrete or Mortar surfaces.


Useage Quantity

  • Modified silane oligomer makes this ideal for porous materials.
  • It is soluble and not harmful to humans and is not flammable.
  • Prevents carbonation weathering and efflorescence.
  • Depending on surface, us 0.3 ~ 0.5kg/m2.
  • 1 liter can cover 2 ~ 3.3m2.

Advantages and Benefits:

Application Area

  • Easy to apply using brush, roller or spray.
  • One part (no catalyst required) no additional mixing procedures.
  • Water-Based - no strong odors. Easy cleanup with soap and water. Meets all VoC regulations.
  • Protects substrate from uV lights - no changes in colors (retains natural tone) with time.
  • Protects from airborne pollution and acid rain.
  • Prevents "wet-look" of treated surfaces during heavy rain.
  • Protects against temperature differences seasonally.
  • Acts as a permeable membrane allowing moisture vapor to escape.
  • Concrete or mortar surfaces.
  • Bricks, tiles, blocks, concrete, terra cota.