Bi-Polar Ion Generator Air Purification System

The RGF Bi Polar Ion Generator (BP24) was developed to produce bi-polar ions in the conditioned space of homes and commercial buildings. This system has quad ion emitters for superior Bi Polar Ionization. The BP24 has three adjustable power outputs to dial in just the right amount of ions released into the space for any application.

The Bi Polar Ion Generator is mounted downstream from the fan so you won't have dust build up on the fan as a result of the ions being grounded on the housing like some of our competitors. RGF's BP24 is a good solution for the budget minded consumer for your HVAC system for air cleaning. For complete Air Purification look at the best solution in the marketplace RGF's REME system utilizing PHI technology to eliminate bacteria, virus', mold spores, VOC's and odors.

Item # AHV/Fumace CFM Electrical Dimensions Ship Wt.
BP.24 Selling 1-1,000 CFM
Selling 2-2,000 CFM
Selling 3-3,500 CFM
254 VAC 4.5"L x 2.5" Dia x 3.5"H 1 lbs.