Renewable Energy

Achieve 100% energy dependence with environmental friendly and renewable energy

• Lower infrastructure investment
• Faster ROI
• Energy security
• Environmentally friendly

With the increase of electrical charge expected to happen, Renewable Energy becomes a feasible alternative. While both private and government works hard to push the cost of renewable energy to their lowest price point in history, usage of Solar Panels and Geothermal Energy equipment could save you a planet.

No matter how much the initial infrastructure investment to build and produce green energy, the return on investment is only a few years of operation due to operational efficiencies. Further, with renewable energy, there will be less reliance on fossil fuels that leads to energy security.TawadaCleanTech solutions include on and off grid solar panels and others.

Applications recommended for:

- Office buildings
- Warehouses and factories
- Residential buildings and complexes from apartments, real estates, town houses and many others
- Commercial and retail buildings
- Hotels, resorts and villas
- Cafes, bars and restaurants
- Multi functions and multi purposes halls, rooms, stadiums, galleries and others
- Educational facilities
- Government buildings and facilities
- And many others