Water Efficiency

Up to 80% of savings on water consumption can be achieved with high efficiency fixtures of recycling water and rainwater.

• Water recycling
• Waste water treatment
• Efficient use of water to achieve water security

Water is an integral part of everyday life impacting all aspects of it thus the importance of water security heightened. Water scarcity in many parts of the world is increasing and is worsen by climate change, population growth and urbanization, increased food production, increasing energy demands and increasing percentage of polluted water.

As research shown, using water saving sanitary equipment can significantly reduce waste of water up to 37% in typical buildings. The use of recycled water wherever feasible and rainwater harvest is the answer to water efficiency. TawadaCleanTech solutions include rainwater treatment, biotank, wastewater treatment and many others.Applications recommended for:

- Office buildings
- Warehouses and factories
- Residential buildings and complexes from apartments, real estates, town houses and many others
- Commercial and retail buildings
- Hotels, resorts and villas
- Cafes, bars and restaurants
- Multi functions and multi purposes halls, rooms, stadiums, galleries and others
- Educational facilities
- Government buildings and facilities
- And many others