Gathers, stores, distributes, and presents wireless data, plus alarm notifications on excursions The

Cypress Envirosystems Blue Box Server (BBS) is an industrial server that collects data from Cypress Envirosystems field devices and enables access to data from a variety of users and interfaces. For users with existing plant databases and operator stations, it can forward data seamlessly to integrate with existing plant SCADA or IT infrastructure using a variety of open communications protocols (e.g. OPC, BACnet, ODBC, web services). For users who do not need to connect to an existing infrastructure, the Blue Box Server can also serve as a standalone Web Server and Text Message Server. Standard PC workstations can become operator stations simply by using a web browser. Alarm notifications may be sent to cell phones, PDAs or email.

  • Data collection unit for receiving wireless data from Cypress Envirosystems field devices
  • Each Blue Box Server accommodates up to 255 Cypress Envirosystems field devices (typical)
  • Built in Web Server for easy browser access to data and trending
  • Capability for local storage of data
  • Uses robust and highly optimized industrial DSSS radio and protocol with antenna and frequency diversity
  • OPC and BACnet interfaces for integration with existing automation systems
  • Ruggedized enclosure for industrial environments
  • FCC, RoHS and ETSI compliant

The WGR is now available on  GSA Schedule :

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