Q. How does a Ciralight SunTracker work?

The Ciralight SunTracker charges up within ten minutes in the sun and the GPS technology communicates with a satellite to locate the unit's coordinates and determine the current time and date. The SunTracker's programming figures out where the mirrors need to be positioned and turns them to face the sun and reflect light into the building interior below.

Q. How are Ciralight SunTrackers powered?

The Ciralight SunTracker is completely self-sustaining and powered with a small photo-voltaic (solar) panel. The energy generated by the PV panel powers the SunTracker's GPS technology and motor, allowing it to rotate all day towards the sun. The Ciralight SunTracker is an electricity independent building product.

Q. What are the advantages of a Ciralight SunTracker?

Ciralight SunTrackers deliver more natural sunlight, more hours a day than any passive skylight on the market. Using Solar Powered GPS technology, the Ciralight SunTracker illuminates building interiors with up to 63,000 lumens of sunlight for up to 10+ hours a day.

Q. How do Ciralight SunTrackers compare to Light Tubes like Sola Tube, Velux, or Light Pipe?

The Ciralight SunTracker is an Active Daylighting device unlike Solatube, Velux, or any other passive skylight. Active Daylighting devices use moving parts to adjust to the ever-changing position of the sun throughout the day. Passive skylights must rely on their stationary position for light transmission. The difference is up to 300% more sunlight between sunrise and sunset.

Q. How do I save money by installing Ciralight SunTrackers?

Installation of Ciralight SunTrackers incur immediate savings through reductions in electric light usage during peak utility hours; cutbacks in air conditioning to counteract heat created by light fixtures; and decreased repairs to lighting fixtures, replacement of bulbs, and maintenance labor hours.

Q. What sizes are available?

The Ciralight SunTracker currently comes in two sizes. The SunTracker 400 is Ciralight's 4' x 4' model and is available with a Single Mirror or Triple Mirror option. The SunTracker 800 is Ciralight's 4' x 8' model and comes standard with a Triple Mirror system.

Q. How much area will each Ciralight SunTracker illuminate?

Depending on ceiling height, Ciralight SunTrackers can evenly distribute natural light up to 600-1000+ sq. ft. per unit. Optimal ceiling height for the SunTracker is above 16', but Ciralight sells a Lower Diffuser Lens that accommodates ceilings shorter than 16'.

Q. How do I determine how many Ciralight SunTrackers I need?

The number of Ciralight SunTrackers is based on a building space's ceiling height, room area, and recommended footcandles. Taking the ceiling height into account, we figure out how many square feet will be covered by a single SunTracker for the desired footcandles and then determine how many will be needed for the entire space.

Q. Why is the natural light provided by Ciralight SunTrackers better than artificial electric lights?

Natural sunlight is better for human eyes, includes the full UV spectrum, prevents illness and disease associated with "Mal-Illumination," and is completely free. Compared to artificial lights, natural light increases sales and return visits in retail; improves learning rates and test scores in schools; promotes higher productivity and morale in the workplace; and speeds up recovery in health care.

Q. What do I need to install a Ciralight SunTracker on my building?

Proper installation of a Ciralight SunTracker will require a weather-proofed curb installation that allows the SunTracker to sit completely level on the roof. After the curb is in place, a power drill with a 1/4" hex attachment, a wrench, and compass (or smart phone compass app) are all that are required to finish the installation.

Q. Can I replace my existing skylights with Ciralight SunTrackers?

Ciralight SunTracker 400s and 800s can easily replace your existing 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' skylights. With the curbs already installed on the roof, Ciralight SunTrackers can easily take the place of passive skylights and deliver higher quality natural light for longer periods of time.

Q. How many hours a day can I light my building with Ciralight SunTrackers?

Depending on the installation location and season, Ciralight SunTrackers can deliver up to 10+ hours a day of sunlight indoors. Regardless of location and season, one of the great features of the SunTracker is its ability to reflect low morning, low evening, and low winter light.

Q. How do I decide the length of the lightwell I will need?

The length of the SunTracker lightwell is based on how far the light needs to travel from the roof surface into the building. In an open ceiling, the Lightwell's length should be designed to transmit the light below the existing HVAC vents, electric systems, and building supports to ensure the light will not be blocked by these items. In the case of a drop ceiling, the lightwell can be designed to be flush with the drop ceiling.

Q. How do I decide which lower diffuser lens is right for me?

Each of our five lower diffuser lenses provide a different value to the end user. Acrylic will not yellow or cloud in time, but polycarbonate is more flexible. The pyramid diffuser lens' shape is great for dispersing light in all angles; the flat diffuser lens is perfect for accommodating building obstructions (i.e. pipes under the lightwell, etc); and the low ceiling lower diffuser lens can spread light out for ceilings 12' or lower.

Q. What is the expected life of a Ciralight SunTracker?

The expected life of the Ciralight SunTracker is at least 30 years. Suntron Corporation has tested the GPS Controller in extreme weather conditions from -20 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in an accelerated Life Cycle test which the Ciralight SunTracker exceeded beyond the 30 year testing without failure.

Q. What businesses have installed Ciralight SunTrackers?

Ciralight SunTrackers have been installed by businesses including Office Depot, Boeing, IKEA, Whole Foods Market, Ace Hardware, Walt Disney, Best Buy, Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar, LG, Staples, Dicks Sporting Goods, Petsmart, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, San Diego Parks & Recreation, and more.

Q. What certifications do Ciralight SunTrackers have?

Ciralight SunTrackers have been certified with 30 Year Life Cycle Testing by SunTron Corporation; Water Leakage and Air Blowout by AAMA; Florida Product Approval by the Florida Department of Community Affairs; Los Angeles Research Report Number by the City of Los Angeles; Fall Protection approval by OSHA; and Solar heat Gain Coefficient and U-Value findings by Architectural Testing. You can find all of these tests and certifications in the Tests & Certifications portion in the Resource Center of Ciralight.com.

Q. Will Ciralight SunTrackers help make my building LEED Certified?

Ciralight SunTrackers can bring your building LEED points for energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environment quality, and innovation and design process. Contact us today to find out exactly how our SunTracker daylighting products can earn your building LEED accreditation.

Q. What kind of tax credits or incentives are available for Ciralight SunTrackers?

Tax Credits and Incentives vary by municipal, state, and federal governments. In the United States, a good resource for finding out what Daylighting rebates and Incentives are available is http://www.dsireusa.org (Database of State Incentives for Renewables).

Q. Once I place my order, how quickly will my Ciralight SunTracker ship?

Once you place your order there is a two-week lead time for shipment.

Q. Can any contractor install a Ciralight SunTracker?

Though the Ciralight SunTracker is a simple product and the installation is not difficult, we recommend having a certified roofing contractor install the unit(s) to your roof. The installation of each unit takes about two hours and can be done on new construction projects or pre-existing buildings.

Q. Will a Ciralight SunTracker work in my home?

Ciralight SunTrackers will certainly work in your home but may not be the right daylighting solution for you. Contact us today to discuss whether the Ciralight SunTracker is the right solution for your home.

Q. Do Ciralight SunTrackers include UV protection?

The plastic dome and lenses of the Ciralight SunTracker all come with UV Protection infused into the plastic. If requested, the UV protection can be removed to allow full transmittance of UV rays.

Q. What kind of ongoing maintenance is required for Ciralight SunTrackers?

Minimal maintenance is needed for Ciralight SunTrackers. Seasonal rains will wash off dust that may accumulate on the dome. The SunTracker unit is completely self-powered and self-programming and does not require much maintenance beyond this.

Q. How much does each Ciralight SunTracker weigh?

A Ciralight SunTracker 400 unit weighs approximately 76 lbs and a SunTracker 800 weighs approximately 136 lbs, assuming a lightwell of 2ft. in length. If the lightwell is longer, the weight will be heavier.

Q. How long is the warranty for a Ciralight SunTracker?

The Ciralight SunTracker warranty covers the full system for 10 Years. The warranty includes the Dome, the Dome Frame, the Lightwell, the Lower Diffuser Lens, and the GPS Controller.

Q. Will Ciralight SunTrackers work on a multi-story building?

Ciralight SunTrackers can be used to bring natural illumination into depths of up to 20 feet into a building, but will only work on the top floor of any multi-story building.