Ciralight's SunTrackerTM -- Product Parts List

Below is a detailed list of product parts that make a Ciralight SunTrackerTM system.

SunTrackerTM Base Unit

GPS Controller

Ciralight's Solar Powered GPS Controller is the brain behind the SunTrackerTM. Utilizing a small photovoltaic panel for energy, the GPS Controller establishes the unit's location on Earth and rotates the SunTracker'sTM Mirror Array towards the sun to direct it's light indoors throughout the day. The GPS Controller's capabilities make this skylight the pinnacle of daylighting devices.

Plastic Dome

The SunTrackerTM Dome is specifically shaped for active daylighting and strength. Available in either Acrylic or Polycarbonate, the Dome has been tested to withstand over 800 lbs dropped on it while also allowing full spectrum sunlight to pass through and into the building below. Capable of withstanding any climate, the SunTrackerTM Dome is the skin that keeps the whole system protected within.

Dome Assembly Frame

The SunTrackerTM Dome Assembly Frame is the intermediary between the roof curb and the dome. Sitting flush atop the curb, the Assembly Frame holds the Dome firmly in place while keeping the GPS Controller and Mirrors protected from all external elements outside. The dual rain run-off levees built along the edge of the Dome Assembly Frame assure the SunTrackerTM will not leak, while the Top Diffuser Lens sealed inside the Dome Assembly Frame works, in part, to minimize temperature transfer.

Triple Mirror Array

Rotating within the Dome throughout the day is the SunTrackerTM Mirror Array. Reflecting direct sunlight through the Top and Bottom Diffuser Lenses, the highly-reflective aluminum Mirrors make the SunTrackerTM the most effective skylight on the market.  The SunTracker'sTM Mirrors allow for consistent natural lighting from just after sunrise to just before sunset.

Required SunTrackerTM Accessories


Reflective Lightwell Panels (4)

The SunTrackerTM Lightwell transfers sunlight reflected off the Mirror Array into a building's interior. Sunlight passes through it's highly-reflective shaft to transmit abundant illumination indoors through a Lower Diffuser Lens at the bottom of the Lightwell throughout the daytime. SunTrackerTM Lightwells are available in a variety of lengths and can be adjusted to meet any design and construction need.

Lower Diffuser Lenses

Flat Lower Diffuser Lens

Ciralight's SunTrackerTM Flat Lower Diffuser Lens allows for a clean, flush finish to any ceiling while also dispersing stunning daylight all throughout any space utilizing SunTrackerTM Skylights. Available in Acrylic and Polycarbonate, the Flat Lower Diffuser Lens is a great compliment to any SunTrackerTM unit.

Pyramid Lower Diffuser Lens

The SunTracker'sTM Pyramid Lower Diffuser Lens gives a building interior a beautiful, evenly lit room at every angle. The shape of the Pyramid Lower Diffuser Lens allows for further dispersal of daylight to maximize indoor illumination levels. Available in Acrylic and Polycarbonate, the Pyramid Lower Lens is an aesthetic and effective answer for any room's daylighting needs.

To view a 3D Model of the Pyramid Lower Diffuser Lens, Click Here: Pyramid Lens PDF

Low Ceiling Diffuser Lens

The Low Ceiling Diffuser Lens is the suitable choice for ceiling heights of 12 feet (4 meters) or less. The SunTracker'sTM Low Ceiling Diffuser Lens diffuses more light than our Pyramid and Flat Lower Diffuser Lenses, which may be too bright for smaller applications like classrooms and offices. Also, the Low Ceiling Diffuser Lens' design allows for daylight to reach further into the corners and edges of an interior space with low ceilings. Available in only Acrylic.

To view a 3D Model of the Pyramid Lower Diffuser Lens, Click Here: Low Ceiling Lens PDF

Optional SunTrackerTM Accessories

Security Bars

SunTracker'sTM steel Security Bars ensure your building remains safe while having SunTrackersTM securely fastened on your roof. Protect your building interior from intruders while still allowing abundant sunlight through with the inclusion of Security Bars to your SunTrackerTM systems.

Roller Shade System

The SunTrackerTM Roller Shade System is a great compliment to any space that needs to control indoor light levels during the day. Go from full light, to half light, to pitch black in seconds with the Roller Shade System. Installed into the Lightwell away from view, the SunTrackerTM Roller Shade System is available in solar powered, electric powered, or manual crank.