Ciralight's SunTrackerTM Daylighting Device

Ciralight's SunTracker© Daylighting Devices bring in more sunlight, more hours a day than any other Daylighting solution on the market.

Below is our complete line of Ciralight SunTrackerTM Skylights.

SunTracker 400TM
(Triple Mirror 4' x 4')

SunTracker 800TM
(Triple Mirror 4' x 8')

Ciralight's SunTrackerTM Skylights use a state-of-the-art Solar-Powered GPS Controller to track the sun all day. The sunlight is then reflected by a Mirror Array, transmitted down a highly reflective Lightwell, and into the building interior through a prismatic Diffusion Lens below the ceiling to effectively distribute daylight all throughout the space.

Simplicity and efficiency set Ciralight's SunTrackerTM apart from the competition when it comes to daylighting. The entire system, top to bottom, is covered for Ten (10) years under Ciralight Global's Manufacturers Warranty, though it has met/surpassed the 'longevity before failure' goals of a 30 year life cycle test. For more information on the SunTracker'sTM durability, refer to Test Results & Certifications.

Download SunTracker 400TM BIM Object

Download the SunTrackerTM IES Luminaire File


Ciralight SunTracker Base Units

SunTracker 400

SunTracker 400 4'x4' Spec Sheet

Download PDF

SunTracker 800

SunTracker 800 8'x4' Spec Sheet

Download PDF


Lightwell (required)

SunTracker Lightwell Assembly | Spec Sheet

Lenses (required)

SunTracker Lower Diffuser Lens | Spec Sheet

Roof Curbs (optional)

SunTracker Conventional Roof Curb | Spec Sheet

SunTracker 400 Metal Roof Curb | Spec Sheet
SunTracker 800 Metal Roof Curb | Spec Sheet
SunTracker 825 Metal Roof Curb | Spec Sheet
SunTracker 850 Metal Roof Curb | Spec Sheet

Security Bars (optional)

SunTracker One-Way Security Bars | Spec Sheet
SunTracker Two-Way Security Bars | Spec Sheet

Security Screens (optional)

SunTracker Security Screen | Spec Sheet