BladeTec Commercial HVLS Fans

The BladeTec Commercial HVLS Fan was designed specifically for smaller spaces where style and efficiency are important. The unique three-blade design of the Commercial Fan maximizes both. The BladeTec Commercial Fan can extend air movement up to 18m (60 ft), but is also a quiet solution for environments where noise should be at a minimum.

The BladeTec Commercial Fan can be used in a variety of commercial environments and is available in three sizes including 2440mm (8 ft), 3050mm (10 ft), and 3660mm (12 ft).

Commercial Fan Features

Unique three-blade design

  • Mill finished aluminum blade with Vortex Tips
  • Ideal contour and twist for maximum air movement

Upward blade tilt

  • Increases airflow and reach
  • Extends reach of air movement up to 18m (60 ft) from the fan's center in all directions
  • Directs air outward from fan's center in a conical shape

Resilient blade/hub connection

  • Vibration-absorbing material reduces stress to the hub by up to 75%
  • Rotationally balanced blade/hub
  • Used for over 40 plus years in the most demanding applications worldwide
  • Designed for over 10 times the force and stress generated by the BladeTec Commercial Fan

Robust mounting system

  • Extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub
  • Three-way motor-to-hub safety connection

Easy-to-use controls

  • Simple on/off button
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Operates in forward or reverse
  • Fits into standard electrical housing
  • Controls up to 4 fans
  • Optional Zone Controller can operate up to 18 fans