The BladeTec Commercial Fans was created keeping both aesthetics and efficiency in mind. BladeTec Commercial fans are designed for smaller spaces from 131,000 m 3 /h (77,000 CFM) to 158,000 m 3 /h (93,000 CFM). The Commercial fan is a quiet, stylish fan, suitable for any environment such as retail spaces, health clubs, schools, auto dealers, government buildings, restaurants, theatres, and many more. The standard fan includes mill finished aluminum blades with a powder-coated motor frame. When a custom look is desired, the blades can be polished or painted to any color desired.


The BladeTec Industrial Fan is focused on air movement, employee comfort, and energy savings! With its unique blade design, the BladeTec Industrial fan delivers the most air movement of any HVLS fan on the market today while providing improved employee comfort at the most economical start up and operating cost available. BladeTec fans can function as a standalone product or in conjunction with other methods of maintaining a comfortable air temperature in any space. With models ranging from 138,000 m 3 /h (81,000 CFM) to over 671,000 m 3 /h (395,000 CFM), the BladeTec Industrial fans are ideal for use in large buildings.