Why Using SMOKE-BUSTERS Green Energy & Energy Efficiency

The need to have a ventilation system in a smoking room, not recirculation there is not stand alone air purifier that can solve the smoking are problem (see this information provided by EPA)

"The third approach - air cleaning - is not generally regarded as sufficient in itself, but is sometimes used to supplement source control and ventilation. Air filters, electronic particle air cleaners and ionizers are often used to remove airborne particles, and gas adsorbing material is sometimes used to remove gaseous contaminants when source control and ventilation are inadequate."

"Can Ozone be Used in Unoccupied Spaces?

Ozone has been extensively used for water purification, but ozone chemistry in water is not the same as ozone chemistry in air. High concentrations of ozone in air, when people are not present, are sometimes used to help decontaminate an unoccupied space from certain chemical or biological contaminants or odors (e.g., fire restoration). However, little is known about the chemical by-products left behind by these processes (Dunston and Spivak, 1997). While high concentrations of ozone in air may sometimes be appropriate in these circumstances, conditions should be sufficiently controlled to insure that no person or pet becomes exposed. Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants, and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments (U.S. EPA, 1996a)."

Need Ventilation, What does this mean?

IAQ is determined by how much fresh air is entering & how much stalled air exhausting (considering there is no indoor contaminat). The EPA standard is 20 cfm per person.

Not recirculation, What does this mean?

Without exhausting stalled air & replenish with fresh air, all we are doing is to accumulate contaminat& recirculate them.

Not a solution, why? Please a list of link about the reason that is not recommended here.

  • Actually, the contaminants keep on acumulated. In the cigarrete smoke, they are actually a very small and light particles, they just settle into wall, furnitures, door, etc. That is why a smoking area still smell smoke even there is nobody is smoking at that moment. When the air condition or ventilator is working, it actually createa air turbulance that make the settled particles become airborne again. It will keep on accumulating the contaminant on and on.
  • The air purifier has only increase the air turbulance and make it even worse in spreading all the contaminants. The air purufier can only take and filter a few contaminant around it (around 1 meter). If the purifier has ozone, that is even worse (see article of EPA).
  • There is no economic way to exhaust 100% of the smoke, it is just too costly. But we can exhaust the major part of the smoke and at the same time supply fresh air to dilute more the indoor air. So, using this combination of exhaust & intake of air that can achieve the smoking solution. But here we encounter a temperature different problem between outside fresh air and indoor air conditioned air.

Smoke Buster® is the answer to this need as it contains:

• Supply of filtered fresh air from outside.
• Exhaust contaminat to outside.
• The combiantion above that can ahieve a smoking solution.
• Air/air cool is recovered by ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation). Very energy efficiency (95% recovable cool).
• Air condition function separately.
• Using a special fabric ducting &a special designed exhaust outlets to maximize the exhaust of cigarette smoke.
• Using a special fabric ducting &a special designed inlets to disperse fresh air that can act as a air curtain between.
• smoking &non smoking area.
• Washable fabric ducting to prevent accumulation of smoke aprticulate & odor.
• Compliance with the rule of anti-smoking law in other country that bans the ambient air.
• recirculation.

The systems supplied shall be able to:
• Improve the comfort in the room.
• Prevent the smoke from migrating to nearby rooms.
• Limit the concentration of polluting substances in the room.
• Non smoke do not have to suffer as second hand smoker.
• Worker is not expose continously to smoke.
• Most energy efficient system for smoking solution in the market.

Features: Ventilation unit with energy efficiency recovery for places with smoking section

Ventilation is provided by Ultmate Air® Energy Recovery Ventilation to exhaust the foul air foul smoke and take outside filtered fresh to inside. This is happening while also controlling the balanced of the pressure of the room. The core of the system is aUltmate Air® patented heat exchanger which recovers the cool temperature of the discharged air energy by transferring it to new incoming air. This means no waste of coolness from the air conditioner.(average only 1-2 °C, very save!). This is how the problem of foul air circulation is solved in the rooms with no energy waste.

The other advance solution of the system is to use Ductsox® fabric ducting for the exhaust & inlet dusting. The design of the inlets in the exhaust duct has a calculated purpose to take advantage of thermal displacement to exhaust maximumly the foul air & smoke. While the outlets of the fresh air ducting is design to disperse air with minimum turbulance in order not to minimize the stirring the smoke partculate, and at the same time create a curtain of air between smoking &non smoking area. This is truly state of the art in exhaust & dispersing air. Since the fabric ducting laundrable (washable), this can prevent the partculate of smoke to accumulate in the ducting system & recirculate the smoking particulate again into the room.

This combination of high tech, provide a solution to smoking area while minimizing the energy cost.


• Increase customers comfort (with air conditioned on).
• Increase mix of customers to your establishment (smoker &non smoker).
• Smoking area solution with the most energy efficient technology.
• Quick in return of investment.
• All equipments are made in USA.
• The ventilaton system is based on scientific calculation.
• Support by air management technician.
• Warranty 1 year.

Green Technology & Energy Efficienct

This solution is ideal for: Restaurant, Hotel, Lounge, Coffee shop, Karaoke, Bar, Club, Etc.