About UltimateAir®

UltimateAir® is the industry's leading manufacturer of whole-house ventilation products. UltimateAir products are energy-conscientious and environmentally-friendly.

In 1989, Stirling Technology developed the patented rotary core heat exchanger based on work with the Stirling engine, a technology invented in 1816. Our goal was to develop a whole-house ventilation system that requires little energy to operate. It was here that the RecoupAerator® was born. UltimateAir® is now the exclusive manufacturer for this patented technology in North America and Europe where the industry's strictest ventilation codes are aggressively enforced. We're proud to manufacture products that improve Indoor Air Quality and help people lead healthier lives.  Located in beautiful Southeastern Ohio, UltimateAir values the idea that we produce our products right here in the U.S. In addition to giving our products the "Made in the USA" seal, we are also environmentally conscious and provide green jobs for employees who take pride in producing the industry's best Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Don't take our word for it - UltimateAir® has received numerous industry and environmental awards including winner of the Top 10 Green Products and Dealer Design Silver Award winner.

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