Our Light Sensory Network turns a financial drain - overhead, outdoor, area, and other HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting - into a strategic asset. It's a smart approach that can help a range of industries become smarter, too.

Sensity's Light Sensory Network delivers all the energy, cost, and lighting control advantages inherent in converting to LED lighting. Simultaneously, we leverage the opportunity - and the investment of time and resources - of your LED conversion to establish a powerful broadband networking platform able to run services that improve all kinds of business processes.

Sensity Systems has identified a few industries where our Light Sensory Network will really shine. These industries include:

For each industry, Sensity offers a base set of functionality for lighting control, maintenance, and energy management, as well as a range of suggested best-in-class services. Find out how your industry can become smarter by installing a Sensity Light Sensory Network.

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