With NetSense, you can run applications and services that take advantage of your networked LED luminaires and associated sensors.

Lighting control

  Use sensors and/or timers to turn lights on and off and dim them based on individual usage needs.

Power monitoring and energy efficiency management


Is your facility closed at night? Save energy by dimming parking garage lights to 20%, or turning off outdoor pathway lighting, after a certain time. You can still set motion detectors that will turn lights on instantly if needed.


Lighting maintenance


Detect when LED lamps burn out so you can change them immediately. Better yet, monitor when lights are getting close to their end of life so you can replace them before they go out.


Network monitoring


Sensity will make sure that the NetSense network and lights are functioning properly. For instance, if a light fails due to vandalism or a network connection goes down, Sensity can send an alert to the light owner.


Monthly reports


Sensity provides reports in a flexible format, showing your true energy savings-every month.


Additional Value-Added Applications and Services


On top of the base applications and services, NetSense enables additional services through best-in-class applications from third-party developers. Sensity has selected an initial set of additional services based on the value they offer light owners in target industries that include corporate campuses, retail, commercial real estate, municipalities, education, warehousing and distribution, and horticulture.
These initial NetSense value-added applications and services include:


Parking management


NetSense is ideal for both parking lots and parking garages. Enhance safety with long-lasting, always-on LEDs that cast light into the darkest reaches of a parking area and that can be controlled to improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Using motion sensors in conjunction with video and license plate recognition software, NetSense can improve parking efficiency by alerting drivers or parking operators to the location of empty parking spaces; directing drivers to available parking; counting vehicles and tracking their movement; enforcing permit parking regulations; automating payment of parking fees; setting optimal parking policies; and helping with the overall flow of parking operations.




Adding surveillance cameras to NetSense is a way to create networked security systems that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Analytics enabled at the network edge (i.e., as part of the devices installed on the same poles as the LED luminaires) or as part of a local-area network provide security staff with real-time situational awareness, delivering the right information at the right time regarding suspicious or threatening activities. These networked systems can provide real-time alerts about unauthorized activity or movement in a parking garage, at a facility perimeter, in a crowded transport station or sporting event, or at entry/exit points. Integration of security cameras with lights can be set to trigger specific actions-such as strobing the lights or sending alerts to security or police officers-to prevent or respond to security incidents.


Asset management and RFID


NetSense enables both passive and active RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for asset tracking. By leveraging the network nodes at the LED luminaires, NetSense extends the reach of RFID tags and makes real-time location service (RTLS) capabilities more cost-effective and therefore easier to justify. In essence, each LED luminaire can become an active RTLS-enabled node, providing asset tracking for a wide range of operations, including warehousing, shipping, transport, retail, and food services.


Retail analytics


With NetSense, LED light fixtures that illuminate parking areas and the exterior of shopping centers can also contain sensors that pick up information from customers' smartphones. As a result, retail shopping malls and individual stores can effortlessly measure, monitor, and analyze aggregate information about customer traffic. This information can lead to better decisions about everything from advertising campaigns, merchandise displays, and customer loyalty programs to seasonal pricing, business hours, and the optimal number of salespeople on the retail floor during particular time periods.

This list is just the beginning. Given its rich programming environment, true MultiService Platform, transparent access control and security, and strong developer support program, Sensity is able to bring new applications and efficiency to NetSense.

Over time, Sensity and our third-party developer partners will add to the list of applications and services we offer to benefit light owners.