Lighting Challenges

Corporate campuses can cover many acres, some with manufacturing facilities, laboratories, warehouses, and other large indoor spaces that need to be lit from above, typically using high bay fixtures. Most campus pathway lighting depends
on bollards or pole-mounted fixtures. All campuses, even the smallest ones, have areas set aside for parking. Outdoor parking lots need lighting, and parking garages must be lit 24/7, by law.

It's expensive for a corporate campus to run and maintain its outdoor and high bay lights, and conventional luminaires often struggle to disperse light evenly to all the areas needed.

The Sensity Systems Solution

Our turnkey solution for corporate campuses includes upgrading all outdoor and high bay lights to high-efficiency LED lighting, with simultaneous installation of our NetSense Light Sensory Network.

This core LED lighting-based Sensity platform includes

Lighting control

Power monitoring and energy efficiency management

Lighting maintenance

Network monitoring

As well as carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring in covered or underground parking areas.

and delivers benefits such as:

  • Lower energy bills through higher energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Greater visibility in lighted areas, which enhances safety for customers and employees
  • More aesthetically pleasing lighting
  • Automatic control over how, when, and where the light shines
  • Network monitoring services provided by Sensity Systems
  • Centralized reporting and control for multiple-site management

To take advantage of the full potential of the Sensity Light Sensory Network, we also recommend that corporate campuses run the following services on our platform:

Security: Monitor the movement of people, vehicles, and other activity both within and outside warehouses, hangars, and similar structures.

Parking management: Use real-time parking data to control and facilitate the parking of vehicles, including staff vehicles and transport trucks.

Asset management: Scan RFID tags to track the contents of shipments entering and leaving the warehouse, as well as while in storage.

Watching Application Video