Conventional outdoor and overhead lights pretty much just sit there and cast light. They're expensive to operate, a hassle to maintain, and inefficient consumers of energy.

Sensity Systems has a bold plan for turning those inert light poles into strategic assets that will not only slash your energy bills and transform your lighting con-trol, but also give you a platform for improving business processes that go well beyond lighting efficiency.

How Is this Possible?

It all starts with your existing lighting fixtures. Specifically, it starts with their conversion to LED lighting.

At the same time you undertake an LED conversion-which in itself provides enough savings in energy and maintenance costs to pay for itself in only 1 to 3 years-Sensity turns each outdoor light fixture into a sensor-equipped, solid-state, smart device capable of capturing and transmitting sensory data. Lots of data. Sensory big data.

Then, because each of these devices has an IP address, each lighting fixture becomes a node in a powerful broadband network. Sensity makes it an open network so software developers can use Sensity's API (application programming interface) to turn the sensory big data into a new class of sensory Internet applications.

These applications provide valuable services for light owners-services as diverse as security, parking management, tracking goods shipped in and out of your facility, retail customer analytics, and monitoring environmental conditions.

All this adds up to something new and brilliant: a Light Sensory Network.

The innovative concept behind the Light Sensory Network is to take one smart decision-to convert to LED lighting-and amplify its benefits. You've already committed the effort and cost, and you've already got the 'bucket truck' up there.

The first step to this bright future is easy. Upgrade to LED-based outdoor or high-bay lighting, and at the same time install a Light Sensory Network. Then start imagining the possibilities