Lighting Challenges

Street lights are expensive, accounting for as much as one-third of a typical municipality's electrical utility costs. Add maintenance costs for replacing bulbs that burn out every couple of years, and it's easy to see why cities would be enthusiastic about a better solution for their street and other outdoor lighting, such as for parks and public spaces, municipally controlled parking areas, and city-owned warehouses, storage, athletic, and entertainment facilities.

In addition, streetlights are widely seen as key foundations for the creation of smart cities cities that deliver needed services, such as lighting, while expending less energy and consuming fewer non-renewable resources.

The Sensity Systems Solution

Our turnkey solution for municipalities includes retrofitting of all street lights and other outdoor lights to high-efficiency LED lighting, with simultaneous installation of a NetSense Light Sensory Network. In the past, cities could afford to convert only one type of fixture at a time. With Sensity's retrofit solutions, municipalities can move quickly to an all-LED solution.


This core LED lighting-based Sensity platform includes

Lighting control

Power monitoring and energy efficiency management

Lighting maintenance

Network monitoring

As well as carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring in covered or underground parking areas.

and delivers benefits such as:

  • Lower energy bills through higher energy efficiency, including automatic lighting adjustments for season, time of day, or activity levels
  • Up to 80% reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Greater visibility in lighted areas, which enhances safety for residents
  • More aesthetically pleasing lighting
  • Automatic control over how, when, and where the light shines
  • Network monitoring services provided by Sensity Systems

To take advantage of the full potential of the Sensity Light Sensory Network, we also recommend that municipalities run the following services on our platform:

Security: Monitor the movement of people, vehicles, deliveries, and other activity at shopping center entry/exit points, along perimeters, outside and between buildings, and in parking areas.

Parking management: Control and facilitate parking in shopping
center garages and parking lots, providing real-time information that makes it easy for customers to find available parking spots. For shop ping centers with paid parking, Sensity helps automate and manage payment of parking fees.

Watching Application Video