The single decision to install a Sensity LED-based NetSense platform encompasses at least four previously separate systems you'd have to evaluate, select, purchase, integrate, manage, and maintain on your own. By choosing the NetSense Light Sensory Network, not only are you achieving best-in-class attributes in each of these four areas, but you also enjoy all the benefits of an optimized, fully integrated, turnkey solution.

Each NetSense installation includes:

  • Affordable, proven high-performing DLC-qualified LED lighting, available as a retrofit to your existing luminaires or as new fixtures
  • An outdoor broadband network designed by some of the networking industry's top experts, with carrier-grade access control, security, and failover modes in case the network ever goes down due to external circumstances (e.g. vandalism, theft)
  • Multiple network-enabled applications from third-party developers, carefully selected and vetted by Sensity Systems
  • The entire IT infrastructure to run and support NetSense

At the same time, this turnkey NetSense platform is an open solution, meaning you retain choice and flexibility in selecting the NetSense-enabled services that are right for your business, and adding more services in the future.

For no additional effort or risk compared to any other LED upgrade decision, you can sit back and let NetSense provide you with the best of LEDs plus the best of a sensor-enabled 'Internet of Things' network.