sensity products are used in a wide variety of applications. A typical installation often involves upgrading every HID fixture throughout an entire campus with LED lighting, including parking lots, driveways, entranceways, walkways, building area lighting and loading docks. Other installations have focused on changing out an entire manufacturing or warehouse facility with new high bay lighting, or replacing all of the HPS or metal halide lighting in a parking structure with sensity canopy retrofits. The results are always high-quality lighting that uses the least amount of energy, and requires the least maintenance of any other lighting solution.

sensity has replaced the "guts" of HID lighting in many different types of fixtures from many different vendors. From shoeboxes to wallpacks, bollards to floods, low bay/canopy lighting to high bay lighting, we have consistently provided excellent lighting with outstanding financial returns. In fact, most of our customers are making a purely financial decision, based on paybacks of 3 years or less, and 20-50% internal rates of return. The ecological and aesthetic benefits are icing on the cake!

sensity products have proven themselves with such customers as:

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Above: Employees were complaining that the Nikon front parking lot was dark before the sensity LED lighting upgrade. It is now beautifully lit with high-quality, white light. Notice the contrast with the neighboring property, which uses high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. Nikon is saving 2/3 of their energy with sensity X-series LED retrofit kits .