Post-Top & Decorative Lighting

XLE-PG Series

sensity has developed a second generation of the X-Series that is specialized for post-top globe, acorn, and other decorative fixtures. LM-79 tested and DesignLights Consortium compliant, the sensity XLE-PG can replace 100W to 250W metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs with beautiful, efficient, long-lasting LEDs.

  • Retrofits most existing decorative post-top fixtures.
  • Meets DesignLights Consortium Specification for light output, distribution, color, efficacy, power, and lifetime.
  • Available in 2700K - 5700K CCT, 65-94 CRI.
  • Simple, easy retrofit
  • Saves 2/3 on energy.
  • No mercury
  • Near-zero maintenance for 50,000 hours of operation (12 years of normal use)
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