Parking Garages

XLE-GC Series Canopy

Parking garage lighting is a great application for LED lighting. Long operating hours mean that every watt counts when it comes to saving energy costs. The reliability, durability, and maintenance-free lifetime of LEDs add up to major operational cost savings, and the high quality of light means increased safety and security.

The sensity Light Engine for Garage Canopy lighting (XLE-GC) comes in models to replace traditional 100W to 250W metal halide or HPS fixtures, saving 2/3 on energy and eliminating bulb and ballast replacement for at least 50,000 operating hours. Plus, all sensity products incorporate an advanced, intelligent driver capable of continuous or bi-level dimming.

  • Replaces 100W to 250W metal halide or HPS
  • Save 60-80% on energy
  • Eliminate routine maintenance
  • Eliminate hazardous waste disposal
  • High quality, full spectrum white light
  • DesignLights Consortium approved
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