Parking Lots


The sensity X-Series is the perfect LED retrofit for traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting in parking lot shoebox fixtures. The X-Series is DesignLights Consortium-approved for LED retrofit of pole- and arm-mounted outdoor area luminaires from 150W to 400W, and available for retrofit of shoebox fixtures up to 850W.

sensity parking lot customers include:

  • Nikon Precision headquarters, Belmont CA
  • Michelin Tire headquarters, Greenboro SC
  • Hewlett-Packard headquarters, Palo Alto CA
  • Mentor Graphics headquarters, Fremont CA
  • Kaiser Permanente hospitals, Santa Clara CA
  • St. Francis High School, Santa Clara CA
  • ... and many others!

All X-Series retrofits provide the following benefits:

  • 60-80% energy savings
  • Extremely long life - > 50,000 hour system operating life, 5-year warranty
  • Eliminate routine bulb and ballast replacement
  • Eliminate hazardous waste disposal
  • Outstanding light quality, with excellent color rendering
  • Excellent light distribution and uniformity
  • Continuous or bi-level dimming when used with sensors or controls

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