Warehouse & Gymnasium

XLE-HB Series High Bay

High bay lighting is a fantastic application for LEDs. With long operating hours, especially during peak demand periods, every watt counts, and sensity LED high bay lighting beats HID, inductive, and even fluorescent lighting when it comes to energy efficiency. sensity High Bay lighting also can't be beat on trouble-free maintenance, with over 50,000 hour typical maintenance-free system lifetime. sensity XLE-HB will keep you off the ladder and out of the scissor lift, while saving 60-80% on energy... with more savings from bi-level or coninuous dimming. Fully tested and DesignLights Consortium approved, XLE-HB qualifies for generous utility rebates. Contact sensity for more information!

  • High quality, full spectrum white light
  • DesignLights Consortium approved and listed
  • Bi-level or continous dimming - qualifies for additional rebates!
  • CCT options from 2700K to 5700K
  • CRI options from 65 to 94 CRI
  • No mercury. RoHS compliant.
  • Long life - 50,000 system lifetime is 12 years of 12 hr/day operation!

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