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LED Lighting Product Lines

sensity designs, manufactures and markets smart, sustainable outdoor area lighting systems for commercial and institutional campuses. We focus our technology on LED light engines and controls. We have multiple optical distribution options to meet a wide variety of application requirements, including IES Type II Short, IES Type V Medium Square, . All units meet DLC requirements.

Our product line consists of two related groups that share components and many design elements:

  • LED Retrofit Kits
  • LED Luminaires

LED Retrofit Kits

The foundation of our business is in LED Retrofit Kits for standard HID fixtures with 50W to 400W metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS or SON), or low pressure sodium (LPS or SOX) lamps. Our LED retrofit products replace the bulb, socket, ballast, and reflector in parking lot shoeboxes, wallpacks, floods, post-tops, parking garage canopies, petroleum canopies, bollards, and some street lights. Retrofit kits preserve your investment in lighting fixtures, retaining the look and feel of your campus, and are less expensive than buying a new luminaire of equivalent performance.

Sometimes it makes sense to retrofit a new luminaire rather than try to salvage a beat-up fixture. Or, you may simply want something newer or better. sensity can retrofit a new fixture of your choice, or choose one for you.

LED Luminaires

sensity also sells fixtures designed from the ground up. Our XLE-HBA and XLE-HBS LED High Bay products, for example, are full, one-for-one replacements for existing HID fixtures. We also have a standard parking Garage Canopy luminaire. And more are being designed.

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Common Features

Highest Quality, High-Power LEDs

sensity uses nothing but the highest quality LEDs from major vendors such as Philips and Cree. No inexpensive knock-offs! All of our LEDs are cutting-edge technology, LM-80 tested for lifetime and lumen maintenance, and available in many color temperature (CCT) and color rendering (CRI) options. You have your choice of many combinations, from 2700K to 5700K CCT, and from 70-94 CRI. You can choose maximum output and energy efficiency, or you can choose warmer color and/or higher color quality. Either way, you will get the highest efficacy available, with an L70 (70% lumen maintenance) lifetime of 50,000 hours or more.

High-Reliability Electronics

Electronics are typically the weakest link in most LED lighting systems. While no electronic product is perfect every time, sensity has done everything possible to design a system with very high reliability and long lifetime. sensity products have a unique, two-stage "drive train" that provides many advantages. The two stages are:

  • A high quality, off-the-shelf AC-DC converter/power supply unit (PSU)
  • The exclusive sensity intelligent LED driver

We have specifically designed our driver for high efficiency (up to 95%), reliability, and intelligence, with a thermal protection circuit and integrated dimming. Because we use the same driver in every product, you get all of these features consistently across every solution, and can stock just a few spares for your entire site. See our Driver User Manual for more details.

We hand-pick our PSUs from a long list of suppliers, only a few of which provide the quality we expect in our systems. Using off-the-shelf PSUs allows us to choose from the best products of a mature industry, and allows you to purchase locally in case of unexpected, out-of-warranty failure.

Thermal Protection

sensity system performance and lifetime are protected by a combination of a sophisticated thermal management system and an exclusive protection circuit that senses the temperature of the LED board and turns down the current if it detects LED overheating. While overheating should not occur under normal conditions, it may be a risk if the product (especially a retrofit) was improperly installed, or if ambient temperatures are extremely high for some reason.

Flexible Dimming

All sensity products come equipped with the exclusive sensity driver, which can be configured for continuous (0-100%) or bi-level dimming based on input from a third party occupancy sensor, photo sensor, or control system. This means our customers can realize even greater lighting control, cost and energy savings. Dimming also extends the life of the LEDs and electronics, while qualifying the luminaire for additional energy efficiency rebates.

24 Volt DC dedicated power supply for sensors & control

The sensity driver has an integrated 24 VDC power output to power local occupancy sensors, wireless controls and transceivers without additional AC converters or power blocks.

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LED Lighting Solutions

LED Outdoor Area Lighting

sensity X-series, XLE-5MS, XLE-5S, and XLE-L2S LED retrofit kits are designed to retrofit outdoor area lighting such as parking lot shoeboxes and wallpacks, bollards, post-tops, and floods, as well as fuel pump canopy and other applications. DesignLights Consortium approved for wallpacks and for shoebox fixtures at wattages from 25W to 171W, and capable of replacing 50W to 400W metal halide or HPS lamps, the X-series is a family of high-quality, fully tested products deployed in thousands of fixtures nationwide. Check out the About Rebates page under Learn More, for more details.

LED High Bay Lighting

The sensity XLE-HB family of LED high bay luminaires provides one-for-one replacements for 175W to 400W metal halide or HPS high bay fixtures. XLE-HBA saves over 60% energy vs. legacy HID fixtures and 20-25% energy vs. linear fluorescent (T12, T8, T5) fixtures, while also eliminating the hassle and cost of bulb and ballast replacements. Fully tested, DesignLights Consortium qualified and utility approved for energy rebate and financing programs, the sensity LED High Bay luminaire is available with occupancy sensing to enable on/off or bi-level dimming for additional energy savings and rebates.

For special applications such as food processing and storage that require water-tight fixture that are resistant to sanitizing cleaners, sensity can retrofit sealed fixtures, or can retrofit outdoor fixtures with XLE-5S modules.

LED Parking Garage Canopy Lighting

The sensity XLE-GC and XLE-5MS families of LED Parking Garage Canopy fixtures scales from 100W to 400W replacement. Fully tested and qualified by DesignLights Consortium, these products are qualified for energy rebates and financing programs sponsored by many electric utilities. When used in conjunction with a standard occupancy sensor or control network, the XLE-GC and XLE-5MS LED garage canopies are eligible for an even wider array of utility rebates, and can save over 80% on energy while providing superior lighting, safety and security.

Decorative Post-Top Lighting

The sensity XLE-PG family of LED retrofit kits for decorate outdoor lighting preserves the beauty and improves the energy efficiency of globes, acorns, and "Chinese Hat" style fixtures that use 100W to 200W metal halide or HPS lamps. Sharing sensity patent-pending heat-pipe thermal management technology with the X-Series, the XLE-PG product family can be customized to fit many fixture models.

LED Fuel Pump Canopy Lighting

The sensity XLE-5S family of LED retrofit kits provides IES Type V Short (5S) light distribution that is perfect - and DesignLights Consortium approved - for fuel pump canopy lighting. But it can also be used for standard canopy lighting, high bay, medium bay, and low bay lighting.

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Above: The sensity XLE-HBA-400 saves over 60% vs. traditional 400W metal halide fixtures.