X-Series family

X-Series Universal LED Retrofit for Outdoor Area Lighting

The X-Series is the first scalable, modular retrofit for outdoor area lighting, converting nearly any 50W-400W metal halide or high pressure sodium fixture into an efficient, long lasting solid state lighting (SSL) luminaire. sensity retrofits typically consume about 1/3 of the energy of the original fixture, while eliminating bulb and ballast replacement and mercury disposal costs.

Space-Age Thermal Management - Literally

The X-Series is distinguished by its heat-pipe thermal management system. This unique technology was invented by NASA for the space program, pumping heat from the primary heat sink (connected to the LEDs) to the secondary heat sink (connected to the inside of the fixture body) for rapid dissipation into ambient air. Think of it like an air conditioner coil, except it has no moving parts to wear out. No more trapping heat inside an enclosed fixture! Working in conjunction with the sensity driver's exclusive Thermal Protection circuit that turns down the drive current when it senses the LEDs overheating, the sensity thermal management system ensures long life and high performance.

The X-Series comes in kits that fit standard parking lot "shoebox" fixtures, wallpacks, and floods, and can be customized to fit a wide variety of decorative fixtures. These retrofits can:

  • Replace the bulb and ballast in existing HID fixture housings
  • Retrofit a new fixture of your choice
  • Retrofit a housing that sensity chooses for you

Like all sensity LED lighting solutions, the X-Series features:

  • High quality light: 2700K-5700K CCT options, 70-94 CRI options
  • Major energy savings: 60%-80% vs. metal halide or high pressure sodium
  • Long life: 50,000+ hour system design lifetime. 5 year standard warranty .
  • Dramatic reduction in maintenance: elimination of monthly bulb and ballast replacement costs
  • Dimmable: bi-level or continuous dimming using standard occupancy sensors or control systems
  • Exclusive Thermal Protection feature prevents overheating of LEDs under any circumstance
  • RoHS compliant: No lead. No mercury. No pollution. No associated disposal costs.
  • Buy American compliant: Qualified for ARRA projects
  • DesignLights Consortium approved for utility, state and federal incentive programs
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