XLE-5S family

LED Retrofit Kit for Fuel Pump Canopy Lighting

XLE-5S is one of the Generation 3 (Gen3) products from sensity that also include the XLE-5MS and XLE-L2S product families. Modular and scalable, the XLE-5S provides a sensity custom lens to provide IES Type V Short (5S) light distribution for a diverse set of applications, including fuel pump and other types of canopy lighting, high, medium and low bay lighting, parking lot and campus lighting, post-top, and many others. The XLE-5S replaces up to 600W metal halide or high pressure sodium bulb, ballast, and reflector, turning traditional fixtures into efficient, long lasting solid state lighting (SSL) luminaires. sensity retrofits typically consume about 1/3 of the energy of the original fixture, while eliminating bulb and ballast replacement and mercury disposal costs. The Gen3 products provide light distribution that is highly controlled, for smooth, even, energy efficient coverage.

Fixture-Independent Thermal Management

Generation 3 products are distinguished not only by the use of highly efficient, custom sensity lenses, but also by their attachment and thermal management systems. Gen3 retrofit kits replace the glass in horizontally-mounted outdoor area and canopy fixtures with an aluminum plate with the light engine mounted to the underside. Each LED module is IP67 rated, with integrated heat sink that is on the outside of the fixture, where heat can be directly dissipated into ambient air. Because the heatink fins are on the bottom of the fixture, they do not accumulate dirt, bird droppings, and debris, and can easily be pressure washed from the ground to periodically restore full thermal performance. Of course, the Gen3 products continue to make use of an updated sensity driver, which continues to provide thermal foldback in the event that the LEDs begin to overheat (as when, say, the lights are left on in a hot summer day).

The XLE-5S comes in kits that be flush-mounted in a fuel pump canopy, or fit into a standard canopy, parking lot "shoebox", cobra head, or bay fixture. The XLE-5S can also be customized to fit a wide variety of decorative fixtures. These retrofits can:

  • Replace the bulb and ballast in existing HID fixture housings
  • Retrofit a new fixture of your choice
  • Retrofit a housing that sensity chooses for you

Like all sensity LED lighting solutions, the XLE-5S features:

  • High quality light: 2700K-5700K CCT options, 70-94 CRI options
  • Major energy savings: 60%-80% vs. metal halide or high pressure sodium
  • Long life: 50,000+ hour system design lifetime. 5 year standard warranty .
  • Dramatic reduction in maintenance: elimination of monthly bulb and ballast replacement costs
  • Dimmable: bi-level or continuous dimming using standard occupancy sensors or control systems
  • Exclusive Thermal Protection feature prevents overheating of LEDs under any circumstance
  • RoHS compliant: No lead. No mercury. No pollution. No associated disposal costs.
  • Buy American compliant: Qualified for ARRA projects
  • DesignLights Consortium approved for utility, state and federal incentive programs

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