sensity Light Engine for High Bay (XLE-HBA and XLE-HBS)

LED High Bay Luminaire

The sensity High Bay (XLE-HBA) and Sealed High Bay (XLE-HBS) are related families of complete luminaires that are one-for-one replacements for existing 175W, 250W and 400W metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. Like all sensity solutions, they feature:

  • High quality light: 2700K-5700K CCT options, 70-94 CRI options. 5000K 70 CRI standard.
  • Major energy savings: 60%-80% vs. metal halide or high pressure sodium
  • Long life: 50,000+ hour system design lifetime. 5 year standard warranty .
  • Dramatic reduction in maintenance: elimination of monthly bulb and ballast replacement costs
  • Dimmable: bi-level or continuous dimming using standard occupancy sensors or control systems
  • Exclusive Thermal Protection feature prevents overheating of LEDs under any circumstance
  • RoHS compliant: No lead. No mercury. No pollution. No associated disposal costs.
  • Buy American compliant: Qualified for ARRA projects
  • DesignLights Consortium approved for utility, state and federal incentive programs

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