sensity Light Engine for Post-top Globe (XLE-PG)

LED Decorative Outdoor Retrofit Kit

The sensity Light Engine for Post-top Globe (XLE-PG) scales to replace the 100W to 250W lamp and ballast in most decorative acorn, globe, or "Chinese hat" fixtures with efficient low-maintenance, high-quality LED light.

  • High quality light - 2700K - 6000K CCT options, 70 - 94 CRI options
  • Over 60% energy savings vs. metal halide or high pressure sodium
  • Long life - 5 year warranty , 50,000+ hour system design lifetime
  • Dramatic reduction in maintenance, including elimination of monthly bulb and ballast replacement costs
  • RoHS compliant - No lead or mercury content, no pollution, no associated disposal costs
  • Buy American compliant - qualified for ARRA projects

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