The social impact of our products reach far beyond the local environments for which they provide light.  Our products instantly provide energy savings, prevent carbon emissions, and avoid the unnecessary exploitation of natural resources.

By the Numbers

Through June 2012 (and business is growing fast), we have already worked with our customers to implement solutions that will, over project lifetimes:

Cut enough energy usage to power over 2,000 homes for one year
Avoid the annual carbon emissions of over 3,000 cars
Save more than $3.6 million in energy costs alone.


Smart Lighting, Smart Jobs

It isn't easy to effectively retrofit the thousands of different inefficient lights found in the world - but it's what we do best.

Instead of using cookie-cutter solutions that waste large amounts of new material, our people are constantly engaged in evaluating how to provide the most sustainable solutions for our customers.  It's using people power, not resource power. 

Each sensity product helps provide green jobs in manufacturing, operations, and installation.  And for our American customers, all of our products are certified Buy American, with our assembly operations all performed at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.