We designed our LED retrofits to be the single most sustainable lighting solution available.

The results are lighting solutions that create true win-win situations: they deliver the most significant cost savings, while also leaving the smallest ecological footprint.

Retrofit - The Sustainable Approach

Any way you look at it, retrofits make the most sense for our customers and for our planet. Our LED retrofits replace only the critical lighting components ("bulb & ballast"), and re-use as much as possible.

A retrofit approach offers all of the energy-saving and maintenance-saving benefits of LED lighting technology, but does not incur the extra financial and environmental costs of "new fixtures" (new sheet metal and other raw materials).


Retrofits for Anywhere

Our engineers have worked hard to extend the environmental benefits of retrofitting to virtually all types of lighting fixtures.

Patented sensity technology has been used to retrofit almost any kind of lighting imaginable: parking lot lights, decorative post-top lights, conventional streetlights ("cobra-head"), warehouse high-bay lights, etc.


Environmental Benefits

Highest energy savings available
Our best-in-class LEDs save the most energy possible for outdoor lighting solutions.  With smart occupancy sensing, this can be as high as 90% savings.
Highest carbon (CO2) savings available
Energy savings translate directly into carbon savings at generation plants.
Least amount of new manufactured material
We don't build shiny new things when they're not needed.  We re-use what we can.
No Mercury
Unlike traditional and other lightings sources (HID, inductive, fluorescent), our LEDs use no toxic mercury.
No Lead
Our retrofits have no need for using lead - another toxic substance.


Certification and Accreditation

Our design approach has led our products to receive top ratings from agencies such as DesignLights Consortium and RoHS.

The significant increases in energy efficiency and sustainability offer our customers the ability to earn valuable LEED credits.  Our customers will inevitably receive points for increased energy performance and the absolute reduction of mercury, and may also receive points for reducing light pollution and using occupancy sensors.

Please consult the Reference Guide on www.USBGC.org for more details on all LEED criteria.