Non-invasively retrofit analog pressure/temperature gauges for remote monitoring

Analog dial gauges which measure pressure, temperature and airflow are found in virtually every facility monitoring compressors, chillers, air handling units, coolant loops etc. In older buildings, gauges may be the only instrumentation available, and technicians are required to perform regular "rounds" with clipboard and pencil to log gauge data. It is a time consuming and error prone process. Traditionally, replacing gauges with electronic transducers have been disruptive - requiring process shutdown, leak checks, drawings changes, and installation of cabling. A single transducer point can cost $4,000 to $6,000 installed. Cypress Envirosystems' patent pending Wireless Gauge Reader is a non-invasive device which simply clips-on to the front face of an existing gauge to capture and transmit the reading. It installs in minutes and does not require removal of the old gauges, breaking pressure seals, performing leak checks, running wires or interrupting the underlying process. It costs 70% less to install than a traditional transducer.

  • Non-invasive installation: no need to remove old gauges, break seals, or run wires
  • Reads analog gauges and transmits data wirelessly
  • Compatible with wide range of gauge styles and sizes, including Magnehelics
  • Pager/Cell notification of excursions
  • Enables low cost energy audits, equipment health monitoring, predictive maintenance
  • Reduce labor, improve uptime, save energy
  • OPC and BACnet interfaces for integration with existing automation systems
  • Battery life of 3+ years at typical sample rates
  • IP65/NEMA 4 rated for outdoor use

The WGR is now available on  GSA Schedule :

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