"Go from Pneumatic to DDC in 20 minutes" Traditional pneumatic thermostats are manual devices which do not allow for remote readings, diagnostics, or setpoint control. This translates to costly maintenance, wasted heating and air conditioning of unoccupied space, and inability to work with utility demand response programs. Traditionally, these shortcomings can only be overcome by replacing the system with a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, a time-consuming process which disturbs occupants and costs $2,000 or more per thermostat zone.

Cypress Envirosystems' patent pending Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat offers virtually the same functionality as DDC thermostats but can be installed in as little as 20 minutes for a fraction of the cost. Unlike DDC systems, building operators have the flexibility to retrofit only selected zones rather than an entire building all at once. The Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat can operate as a standalone system or can integrate with existing building automation systems such as Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and TAC via BACnet.

  • Optional Deadband Control (click here for more details on the WPT-DB)
  • Remote Wireless Setpoint Control and Monitoring of Temperature & Pressure
  • Page/Cell notification of excursions
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Programmable temperature setbacks
  • Occupancy override
  • Enables Demand Response strategies
  • BACnet interface for integration with Building Management Systems
  • Compatible with exisitng Johson, Honeywell, Siemens, Robertshaw and TAC pneumatic stats.
  • 2+ years of battery life

The WPT has been deployed in hundreds of facilities and has been repeatedly recognized by industry thought leaders. Click on the links below to see a select sample of well-respected WPT clients and the awards Cypress Envirosystems has received.

WPT Case Studies

Cypress Envirosystems is pleased to announce that the WPT has been selected for participation in the  US GSA Green Proving Ground . The GSA notes that the WPT was selected because it "is designed to be cost effective "and" has been shown to reduce HVAC energy use by between 18% and 30%."

The WPT is available for purchase by public agencies through GSA Schedule :

The WPT system components and part numbers are listed  here .

Actual Pneumatic-to-DDC Retrofit in Under 10 Minutes

(It's not just a slogan!)

Actual WPT Retrofit in Fast Motion  (video is 84 seconds)

Quality and Reliability

Cypress Envirosystems takes great pride in offering high-quality products. From the beginning, we have integrated the design and manufacturing processes from our parent company, Cypress Semiconductor, which is a world leader in quality and reliability .  However, for systems to perform as designed, it is essential that they are installed by trained technicians.  To ensure a high-quality installation, our partners are required to complete our Certified Integrator training program.  Before you begin your project, make sure your integrator has completed this program and is certified by Cypress Envirosystems.

To take full advantage of the WPT system, be sure to read the training manuals that are posted below.  Also note, it is critical that clean, dry, oil-free air is maintained at all times to avoid damaging the WPT and other components that utilize your pneumatic infrastructure.

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Additional Information

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